Don't Buy A Pontoon Boat Until You Read This!

Pontoon boats aren’t just for fishing anymore (although they’re still great for fishing!) – they’re also excellent for a relaxing day on the water with family and friends. 

On today’s pontoon boats, you can expect plenty of space, smooth rides, and sleek construction. Are you considering a pontoon boat? It’s a significant investment, so research before you buy. Consider these facts about pontoon boats to make an informed decision.


How big are pontoon boats?

A pontoon boat’s deck is the usable space on the boat and is shorter than the tube length. Both are important, as a larger deck offers more space for fishing, seating, storage, equipment, etc.; the tube length dictates how big the deck can be and determines performance.

  • 16-19 feet: Good for small, calm bodies of water and accommodate up to eight passengers.
  •  20-22 feet: Work well on calm lakes and rivers; accommodate up to 13 passengers.
  • 23-27 feet: The best option for rough water, these boats accommodate up to 15 passengers.

How do I choose a size?

Choose a pontoon boat based on the body of water you’ll be on, the maximum number of people you want to transport, and the activities you plan to do.

  •  Relaxing/sunbathing: A large, padded deck with a sunshade.
  • Parties: Plenty of seating.
  • Swimming and water sports: Easy access into and out of the water.
  • Fishing: Fishing chairs on the front deck and a live well to “store” fish.

And don’t forget about storage. If you have enough space, you can leave your accessories on board – hats, snorkeling gear, fishing rods, inflatables, non-perishable foods, etc.

What kind of amenities do pontoon boats offer?

Pontoon boats offer amenities to make upkeep easier (like marine-grade vinyl seat covers that resist fading, cracking, peeling, and mold) and make your excursions more enjoyable (such as enclosure tops if the weather gets bad, toilets, changing rooms, and carpeting.) And again – don’t skimp on storage!

How much do pontoon boats cost?

Pontoon boats are priced based on brand, the year they were made, deck size, tube size, engine size, material quality, and amenities.

  • The average boat costs $25,000.
  • Small, no-frills boats can be as low $14,500.
  • Higher-end boats range from $41,000-$47,000, depending on the amenities you choose
  • High-end boats, such as those with larger engines for watersports, plus extra features, can cost up to $200,000.

No matter what your price range is or which features you choose, be sure your pontoon boat's warranty covers 100% of parts and labor for everything on the boat, including electronic components prone to weather-related failures.